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Compiler stuck on compiling TSS_SensorCTS.c

Question asked by Michele Marchetti on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by Michele Marchetti

Dear all,


I am a newbie with Kinetis KwikStik K40, so please forgive me if I am asking for something obvious.

I am using CW 10.1 Special Edition under windows 7.


I can manage to compile and run the KwikStick software demo, which on tss folder includes TSS_SensorCTS.c file.


Now I have created my own MQX 3.7 project and added the TSS as described in document TSSUG rev 3.

The problem I get is quite weird:

when I try to build the project the compiler gets absolutely stuck while compiling the file:


and gives me no clue about what it is doing.


This is the log on console and it remains like this until I cancel the build.


'Building file: ../Sources/tss/TSS_SensorCTS.c''Invoking: ARM Compiler'"L:/Freescale/CW_MCU_v10.1/MCU/ARM_Tools/Command_Line_Tools/mwccarm" -gccinc @@"Sources/tss/TSS_SensorCTS.args" -o "Sources/tss/TSS_SensorCTS.obj" -c "../Sources/tss/TSS_SensorCTS.c" -MD -gccdep


I have no clue what is happening and why... 


What I can say is that there is some weird behaviour when I try to integrate TSS component according to the TSSUG document.

In particular:

a- (page 3-4): Processor Expert -> Import Package 

what package? there is one inside cw6 directory, but cw 10 is empty

b- (page 3-5): figure 3.5: I don't get at all the same view in ProcessorExpert Project: I don't have file, nor the directories under it. BUT in the Kwikstik Demo SW these things are missing too, and it seems to work.

So is this integration necessary?

If yes, why adding the TSS_Library I don't have these parameters?



does a project that uses TSS need to be a ProcessorExpert Project?

Kwikstik demo doesn't seem to be.


If yes, is there any way to convert a MQX 3.7 project into a Processor Expert one?


Thanks for any help,