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9S12HY64 ,VDDA dont connect is 4.2V ??

Discussion created by Joey Chan on Sep 1, 2011
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Hi all!


sorry! my english is poor,may be difficult to read.


 I have a problem. my design has double power:VCC and +5V.VCC is always exist ,+5V can be controlled.


To make sure AD sample currect,i connect +5V to VDDA.and pullup res. VCC connect to VDDR,VDDX,VDDM. But,when in low power mode.stop mode. VDDA is a nearly 4.2V. influence +5V net. So current can not be reduced. i test the current can reach to 90 mA.  MCU still can working after a reset.


i read the sheet find there is a LVR function.

 " Monitors VDDA, active only in Full Performance Mode. Indicates I/O & ADC performance degradation due to low supply" "VDDA Low Voltage Interrupt Assert Level voltage. 4.04V 4.23V 4.40V”


it is truely can work.when i pulldown the VDDA to 0V.MCU reset.


is it the reason why 4.2 exist?OR the clamp diode cause? how can i shutdown the 4.2V?



Thanks a lot!