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Zigbee Test Client (ZTC)  Serial Port protocol Description

Question asked by Loris Gazzarrini on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by Pavel Sadek

I'm using the OTA Update feature offered by the latest Beekit version to update the firmware of MC1322x Boards.

This is the scenario: I have a NCB that act as an OTA Server and an SRB that act as an OTA Client.

If I use Test Tool 12.0.0 to update the firmware of the SRB board everything works fine and I can change the firmware of the SRB.


Test Tool is available only for Windows OS and I need to connect the boards to a Linux machine.

So I'm trying to write an app under Linux OS (Ubuntu 11.04) to interact with the NCB over the UART and use the OTA update feature.


Is there any reference manual that explains which is the protocol used by ZTC to communicate over the UART.