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Importing 56F8323 projects in CodeWarrior 10.1

Question asked by Mads Phillip on Aug 30, 2011
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I have recently been tasked with modernizing some old projects for the 56F8323 made in CW rev.

I'm new to the Freescale processor world, so I just went to and got me the latest CodeWarrior IDE (10.1) and began to try and import/convert the old projects.


I didn't get far... I get this hiccup at the toolchain target selection, where it simply says the project type is not supported for the target. I get four toolchain target options (ldm pRom-xRam, sdm pRom-xRam, ldm xRom-xRam or sdm xRom-xRam) and the "Imported project type" table is empty.


Even when im trying to make a new project for the 56F8323 i get into trouble, simply not being able to find the device in the device selection... i get this eerie feeling that it's not supported anymore or something.


Now i been fiddling around with it a couple of hours, reading the project importer quick start guide and I've been browsing around in here but wasn't able to get any revelations. So i thought maybe one of the old freescale Zen masters could spare a couple of minutes and show me the robes and tell me what's what. Thanks