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TWR-MCF5441X U-Boot Destroyed

Question asked by Deleted on Aug 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2014 by Shaun James



I have a TWR-MCF5441X and did U-Boot upgrade in MRAM with:

-> set u-boot u-boot.bin

-> run upd


But now it won't start up anymore.


I have been trying to program U-Boot through the USB multilink with the CFFlasher tool in the M54418Tower_Linux_BSP_20110422_ltib, without any luck.

when running the commands:

C:\CFFlasher-nand>cf nand erase m54418twr_nand 0 80000 


C:\CFFlasher-nand>cf nand write m54418twr_nand 0 80000 1 flash_M54418TWR_uboot.bin


I get the message: Could not initialize BDM device.


The following I already tried:

Running commands on win7 with CW 10.1 installed.

Running commands on winXP SP3 with CW 10.1 installed. (also virtual)

Running commands on winXP SP2 with CW 10.1 / 2.5  and P&E version 10 drivers. installed 

Replacing unit_cfz.dll with other versions(from MQX and CW) and alse placing it in system32

Putting/Removing jumper on J10.


All jumpers are on the default places. (j5 is on 3-4) SW1.1 is on ON


I'm out of idea's, any help is appreciated.