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MCF51JM128 continously software halt's

Discussion created by mauricio fernandez montoya on Aug 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2011 by Jim Donelson

Hi folks.  

finally i finished my own Arduino style, JM128 Based POLARIS32 CORE.  name came from Polaris star, cause this core is powerfull than Arduino Mega.


2 SC1 ports, SPI Port, I2C Port, 28 I/O pins + 2 USB Pins, dual supply (5v or 3.3v).  FT232, LCD connector, BDM debuging port, RS485 port, CAN port, MicroSD, 4 analog outputs.


i can send and recieve data from SCI1, but not with SCI2.  changing register names on functions (supposed that both SCI modules are identical) doesn't work, and everytime i get a software halt and the core stop debuging.


here's a pic of the halt message on debug mode on CW10.


and some pics of the code of configuration and data managing on SCI2.  it's exactly the same of SCI1, but this is not working, SCI1 code does.




i would appreciate any help.