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PE-MQX memory Heap(where is it hidden?)

Question asked by Pantelis Georgiadis on Aug 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by Akshaya Mukund Hosalli


I started a new PE-MQX project. I have many matrixes to allocate in heap.

When I increase the number of the matrixes it hangs. I suppose it is because

default heap is smaller than that I need. But where is hidden heap memory

and which is the default size?  It seems that in MQX component a user

function must be created to be "suitable for usage by RTOS component" as it is

written in the help file. What exactly it means "suitable" and how this function

is written?     Using mem_alloc_system or something else? And where should I

place this function?