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kwikstik demo 1.4 not compiling

Question asked by Michele Marchetti on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by Gustavo Denardin

Dear all,


I'm just starting with KwikStik K40x256, hosted in Windows 7.

I wanted to recompile the demo lab code (v 1.4) as explained in the supplied guide, but I could not succeed.


I've tried with both:

* IAR: I get 58 errors, starting with 'cannot open source file Mk40x256vmd100.h
But having 58 errors I think is easier to try CW


* CW 10.1: compilation starts but then I get a
>preprocessor #error directive
 #error  You need to install Code Warrior V10.1 latest compiler patch. The code is unstable if patch is not used.


Funny thing is that I am sure I installed the compiler patch and also I did that before installing MQX 3.7


Now, I am a beginner on this so it is quite possible I am doing something silly.

I also read other posts about people having problems with this demo, but I didn't find a suitable solution for my case.


Does anyone have any idea?


Thanks for your help.