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Secure Warning when trying to flash MQX Kinetis project

Question asked by Brad Hanken on Aug 22, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by James Trudeau

I'm running a clean install of Win7 64 Bit, and CW10 with all patches installed and MQX 3.7.  I've tried various install locations.  Regardless of what I try, I get the attached Secure Warning when attempting to use the flash debug target with even an empty MQX 3.7 project using the K40 Tower BSP:


The current download operation attempts to modify the Flash Control Field (FCF).  Therefore, the target processor may become secured irreversibly.  This is often caused by an incorrect Linker Command File that does nor reserve the FCF address range from 0x400 to 0x40f.


Indeed, the LCF for the K40 BSP doesn't seem to reserve this address range.


Are there any known solutions for this problem?


This question has also been posed on the following thread in the Kinetis forum, but there have been no replies:



Brad Hanken