Richard Parker

Clocking problem with MCF52259 Board

Discussion created by Richard Parker on Aug 22, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by Narcís Nadal

We have developed our own board based on the Tower Demo board. Our board is fitted with a 48MHz crstal as is the demo board but when we run exactly the same application code on our board it seems to be running much slower.


Both CLKMOD pins are tied LOW as default on the TWR demo board and XTAL is tied high (likewise on the demo board). Using the HelloWorld demo serial data is corrupted from our board while the demo works fine.


To make sure its not something to do with the serial line drivers we have put in a never ending loop to flash one of the LEDs at the end of the program. The demo board flashes the LED at a rate of 5Hz while our board flashes the LED at a rate of about 1.67 Hz.


Has anyone got any idea what we are doing wrong?


Thank you in advance