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MC1322X based evalkits GPIO usage

Question asked by B Venkat S R Swamy on Aug 20, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2011 by TomE
Hi Being new to Zigbee controllers, we have a requirement to demonstrate ON/OFF functionality using the 1322x based SRB/LPN evalkits. These boards have both LEDs and GPIO pins using which we can demonstrate our requirements. We have used LEDs and its working fine, however we also want to control a Bulb/light connected to GPIOs pins of the evalkits. We have a HA coordinator node that we used to send Zigbee commands to evalkits. We also have the IAR workbench software to compile and load the binaries on evalkits. Requirements: 1> 1322x software that takes HA profile commands from Co-ordinator over Zibgee and controls the GPIO pins of the evalkits. Through the GPIO pins we intend to ON/OFF the load connected to GPIO pins. the load could be 60/100W bulb, 3V DC motor. 2> Hardware connections as to how we should connect the bulb or Motor to GPIO pins so that there is no loading of the evalkits and current levels are proper for the circuitry of evalkits. We would request Freescale experts guidance as to how we can achieve the above task. regards Venkat