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Secure Warning

Question asked by Tom Skwara on Aug 19, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2011 by steve smith

After updating Codewarrior to the recent patch, I'm now receiving a warning message when trying to debug.


CodeWarrior Alert


The cuurent download operation attempts to modify the Flash Control Field (FCF).  Therefore, the target processor may become secured irreversibly.  This is often caused by an incorrect Linker Command File that does nor reserve the FCF address range from 0x400 to 0x40f.


Jeez, one cryptic issue after another...  After looking at the Linker Control File, I see no entry reserving this memory.  The LCF is part of the MQX 3.7 install that includes the TWRK60N512 BSP.  Is the stock BSP not adequate to deal with this isse?  If not, what are the recommended changes?


Is it me or does anyone else think that a CodeWarrior Technical Support package is required to do the basics, like creating a new MQX project with the included Wizard and compiling to debug?  This is a 101 step and should work cleanly right out of the gate...why is it like trying to dock an aircraft carrier?