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PE components are created but do not show up in CW10

Question asked by Antonio Quevedo on Aug 19, 2011
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I am moving to CW10, and I am trying to create a new project from scratch for the TWR-MECH board (target processor MCF52259). I want to use Processor Expert (PE). My CodeWarrior is Version 10.1, Build Id 110726, Special Edition. During the "create new project" wizard, I selected the bare target processor, not any of the option for tower boards.


I selected a PE component (PWM Component) at the Components Library pane, then I clicked on it with the right button, and selected "Add to project" option. However, the PWM component did not show up at the Project Panel (and I cannot see any "Embedded Components" folder inside the project either). My first thought was that I did not select the Add option correctly, so I tried that again. No changes. The CPU component  also does not show up right after the new project wizard finished, as it happened in previous versions of CW.


So I tried to click on the "Generate Processor Expert Project" button at the Project Panel. I get an error message stating that there is some error. Looking at the Problems tab, I find errors related to PWM1 and PWM2 components. When I double-click on one of these messages, the Component Inspector pane is loaded with the config options of the PWM component, showing the errors: unassigned timings for period and starting pulse width. it means that the components were created, but do not show up in the Project Panel.


I right-clicked at the project panel and chose Refresh to see what happened. Nothing.


I suppose it has something to do with the CW configuration. I can configure any components that are not fully configured when created (because of the errors), but after configured i cannot access them anymore.


How can I fix it? Just a reminder, the installation is brand new, I did not alter any default configs. I also tried the same install in 2 computers (one running WinXP and the other on Windows 7).


Thanks in advance