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Trouble resetting CnV register of FTM

Question asked by Konrad Anton on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2011 by Konrad Anton

Hello all,


I'm writing an unloadable driver for the PWM functionality of the FTM of my K60 (using the TWRK60N512 and CodeWarrior). When unloading the driver, I want it to leave the FTM and all channels in a clean state so that the next user of the PWM facility cannot ever get a first cycle with yesterday's stale duty cycle. However, I can't manage to make the value of CnV stick.


Code snippet (uses MQX delay function, otherwise bare metal):

  uint_32 dummy;  FTM_MemMapPtr pRegs = FTM0_BASE_PTR;  // 1. switch on the clocks  // a. for the port module  SIM_SCGC5 |= SIM_SCGC5_PORTC_MASK;  // b. for the FTM  SIM_SCGC6 |= SIM_SCGC6_FTM0_MASK;  // configure port multiplexer   PORTC_PCR1 = PORT_PCR_MUX(4);  PORTC_PCR2 = PORT_PCR_MUX(4);  // a. make writable (must read bit WPEN of FTMx_FMS,   // then write a 1 to WPDIS of FTMx_MODE)  dummy = pRegs->FMS;  pRegs->MODE |= FTM_MODE_WPDIS_MASK;  // b. clear FTMEN flag, requires WPDIS to be set.  pRegs->MODE &= ~FTM_MODE_FTMEN_MASK;    // c. disable quadrature encoder  pRegs->QDCTRL &= ~FTM_QDCTRL_QUADEN_MASK;  // d. reset counter  pRegs->CNT = 0;    pRegs->MOD = 6000;   pRegs->CNTIN = 0; // counter starts at 0, nothing fancy    FTM0_C1V = 1000;  // set Prescaler and use so-called system clock.  FTM0_SC = (3 & FTM_SC_PS_MASK)     | (0x1 << FTM_SC_CLKS_SHIFT) // FTM system clock, i.e. Kinetis bus-clock    ;      FTM0_C1SC =         (0 << FTM_CnSC_DMA_SHIFT)  | (0 << FTM_CnSC_ELSA_SHIFT )  | (1 << FTM_CnSC_ELSB_SHIFT )  | (0 << FTM_CnSC_MSA_SHIFT )  | (1 << FTM_CnSC_MSB_SHIFT )  | (0 << FTM_CnSC_CHIE_SHIFT );     FTM0_C1V = 4000;   _time_delay(5000);  // turn your head towards the oscilloscope    // shut down the counter  FTM0_SC = 0;   // shut down the channel  FTM0_C1SC = 0;  FTM0_C1V = 0;    _time_delay(10); // let it settle  _time_delay(1000);

I expect the debugger to read FTM0_C1V as 0 after the line "let it settle". At least that's what I've concluded from The Book, chapter, "CnV Register Update", verse "If CLKS[1:0]=0:0 then CnV register is updated when CnV register is written". However, I still read the old value.

In order to minimize debugger impact on FTM, I've only set breakpoints before the 5000ms delay and after the "let it settle".

Am I doing it wrong, is the FTM wrong, is the debugger wrong, or should I just not worry about stale PWM cycles?

Thanks in advance, KA.