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Accessing assembler-defined data in C as an array

Question asked by Allen Babb on Aug 16, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2011 by Allen Babb

I've upgraded my code for the quadrotor quite a bit, but it appears I need to expand the output range of the singeltons to beyond the unsigned char limit.


This is a bit of a bear, however, because I don't know how to go from 8-bit unsigned chars to 16-bit signed shorts with this equation in assembler:


sum( S[ i ] * Fo[ i ] ) / sum( Fo[ i ] );


Since my project is mixed language, I decided to port this equation over to C. The equation works just fine, but now I'm having data access errors for Fo[ i ].



So my question boils down to this:

What's the best way to access a data list defined in .asm with the C language?



Note that I cannot port Fo[ i ], the data definied in the .asm, to C so easily... I'd pretty much have to convert the whole .asm into a .c function.