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Linker Control File or #pragma section??

Discussion created by Tim Hutchinson on Aug 15, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by Tim Hutchinson

Hi All, I need to locate some global variables in a specific address window on the LocalPlusBus of my MPC5125 project. Can anyone offer guidance as to the best way to do this? Would a #pragma section be the right thing to do? How about modifying the Linker Control File? I found AN3203 but that was pretty specific to the LCF for the MCS8144 DSP. Is there anything like that appnote for the MPC5125 and CodeWarrior for MobileGT? A few lines of example text on how to modify the LCF to create a custom user section and how to instruct the compiler/linker to place certain variables in that section would be really helpful. Thanks in advance to any who can help!