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USB CDC Virtual Com issues

Question asked by Richard Rapier on Aug 12, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2011 by Gavin Li

I am using the USB CDC device with the virtual com example on a K60 with MQX 3.7 adapted to our use to send data to a pc in response to requests.  Currently just using hyperterminal.  It mostly works fine, but if I try to send between 92 and 100 packets, it doesn't send anything until I send another packet in response to a request from the PC.  Up to 91 packets works fine, 101 packets works fine.  Each packet is 16 bytes in size.  I am using the following to send each packet:


        error = USB_Class_CDC_Send_Data(g_app_handle,DIC_BULK_IN_ENDPOINT, g_curr_send_buf, size);

Any suggestions at all?