Joe Kissell

VectorMap Syntax Warnings - CW10.1 - MCF51CN128

Discussion created by Joe Kissell on Aug 12, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2011 by CompilerGuru

My VectorMap.c file is now filled with Syntax Warnings. Below are just a few of the many function prototypes that have this issue. 

Any thoughts?


void interrupt VectorNumber_Vaccerr      ISR_Vaccerr(void){   asm (jmp IllegalTrap);}   void interrupt VectorNumber_Vadderr      ISR_Vadderr(void){   asm (jmp IllegalTrap);}   void interrupt VectorNumber_Viinstr      ISR_Viinstr(void){   asm (jmp IllegalTrap);}


Note: This was not an issue with CW 6.3, but is now that I've changed over to CW 10.1.