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Selecting UART port in K60N512

Question asked by Denys Yurchenko on Aug 12, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by tfrauenrath



The default serial output in TWR-K60N512 board is UART3, PORTC (pin PTC16 - RX, pin PTC17 - TX).

In my custom board the default serial output is UART4, PORTE (pin PTE25 - RX, pin PTE24 - TX).


In <mqx_dir>\mqx\source\bsp\twrk60n512\twrk60n512.h i set UART4 (ttye):


#define BSP_DEFAULT_IO_CHANNEL                        "ttye:"


But I don't know how to select port E (custom board) insteed port C (TWR board).


Any ideas?