MCF5329: LCDC Maximum Frequency Confusion, 20, 27 or 40MHz?

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What's the maximum pixel clock rate on the MCF5329 LCD Controller?


If you're doing a new design and are trying to work this out there's only a 30% chance you'll find the "right" answer.


According to:



    MCF5329 Reference Manual

    22.3.7 LCDC Panel Configuration Register (LCD_PCR)

    Note: Set PCD so that the LCD_LSCLK frequency is less than one-third (TFT mode)

             or one-fourth (CSTN mode) of the system bus clock (fsys/3) frequency.

    "LESS THAN 1/3" is 1/4, so the maximum frequency is 80MHz/4 or 20MHz.


According to:



    Understanding LCD Memory and Bus Bandwidth Requirements

    Table 2. Bus Bandwidth Usage for Color LCD Panels

    Currently, the ColdFire processors that include the graphical LCDC

   support a maximum pixel clock frequency of 26.66 MHz;


According to:



    5.10 LCD Controller Timing Specifications

    T1 LCD_LSCLK Period   min = 25ns,  max = 2000 ns

    Which is 40MHz.


I suspect that only the App Note is correct. The Reference Manual probably meant to state "less than or equal to 1/3" but doesn't. The control registers allow for a 40MHz clock (as per the Data Sheet), but it isn't a supported frequency.


It isn't documented anywhere that at 26.66MHz the pixel clock has a 30% duty cycle. That might cause problems with some video hardware or panels.


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