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CFV1 Flash Programmer Standalone ?

Question asked by GUITTET JOEL on Aug 11, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2011 by GUITTET JOEL

Hi all, and particularly PGO if you see this message,


I'm working with CFV1 Flash Programmer on my computer to load program in Coldfire V1 devices (MCF51JM128). It works fine on my own computer, but I would like to install it on another one. I simply copied the "Utilities" directory provided by PGO on the second computer, but it doesn't work at all.


CodeWarrior and CodeSourcery are installed on the first machine, but not on the other one. I conclude that some files in the CodeWarrior or CodeSourcery directories are required to get CFV1 Flash Programmer running, right ?


Is it possible to get a standalone CFV1 Flash Programmer ? Which files are required to do it ?


Thank you very much for your help.