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D4D Object Moving

Question asked by Toe on Aug 9, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by Thiago Souza

How do you move a picture object around the screen after you have declared it?  Maybe a picture isn't the right type of object for this?


For example, I have a logo that I want to move around the screen like a screensaver.  I have tried to manipulate the x and y coordinates of that object, but it crashes my system.


D4D_DECLARE_STD_PICTURE(scrn_logo, 70, 50, &bmp_Logo);static void Screen_OnMain(){    D4D_PICTURE *pict;    pict = D4D_GET_PICTURE(&scrn_logo);    pict->scrPos.y += 1;}

 This obviously isn't the correct way to do this.  I cut out code in this example that deals with timing and bound checking; that is not the problem I'm having.