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Swappin Mechanism on K60

Question asked by Rodion Livshitz on Aug 8, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by EARL GOODRICH



I am trying to implement a boot loader, that will located on Flash Block 0 and it will receive a SREC file via UART, erase Block 1 and program it with 0x00040000 offset. At the end of these operations, the Boot should to swap between Flash Blocks.


At this stage I am able to erase and program the flash Block 1 with SREC that belong to a simple GPIO example from Kinetis_Eval projects.


In my boot loader code, after the erase/program section I put these commands:


/* enable the clock to SRTC module register space*/



/* activate swap */

RTC_CCR = 0x1;


When I made a hw reset or wdog reset, MCU jumps to Block 0, and not to Block1.


I use IAR Kickstart 6.2 workbench and MK60N512VLL100 MCU.


Any suggestion on how should I activate the swapping mechanism?