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ADC working in Scan Mode in MPC5604B

Question asked by Andres Torres Garcia on Aug 6, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2011 by Thirunavukkarasu Varadharajan

Hi, I have a doubt that concerns about ADC working in scan mode, if you configure the ADC to make the conversion in 1 us and you only have one channel to convert; my question is: every 1 us the ADC is going to convert? Or between each conversion there is going to be a time-out? If yes, how much does the time-out take in order to begin the next conversion?


The reason I asked that it is because I have a clock signal with a period of 4 us and I want the ADC to convert every period of the clock signal, so I don't know which conversion time is the correct for that specific case?.


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