Craig Asgaard

USB Tap on Windows 7

Discussion created by Craig Asgaard on Aug 5, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by giuseppe camarlinghi

Has anyone gotten a USB Tap to work with Windows 7?


My current workaround is to install the XP virtual machine, and then install Codwarrior within the virtual OS. However, I was having an issue with programming speed (the download was taking up to 3 minutes). I tried to install the Jungo driver that comes with CodeWarrior, and now all I get is "CCS: USB Open Failed" when I attempt to flash the chip (16 bit MCF8322 via JTAG).


If I could just work from within Windows 7, it would save a lot of headache. If there's not any support for the USB Tap, what programmers do work with CodeWarrior on a 64 bit machine?