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MCF52259 Crystal or Oscillator

Discussion created by Tim Flynn on Aug 5, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2011 by Tim Flynn

If you want to us USB the crystal should be 48 MHz. But there is problems with that from the errata. It recommends <25 Mhz crystal. So then go with an oscillator. But must limit to < 3.0 volts. 

What do people out there do? 

Risk it & go with a 48 MHz crystal? (How do you do a negative resistance measurement?)

Go with a 48 MHz oscillator @ 3.3V? with series resistor? value? or another LDO to < 3.0V for osc.

Go with 24 MHz crystal & PLL. But can't do USB & ethernet. 


What do others do?