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MCF5485, new Linux BSP, old u-boot -> mac address problem

Discussion created by Kamil Grigoriev on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2011 by TomE

We faced problem with your M5485 Coldfire boards, u-boot and Linux BSP.

Initially we used m547x_8x_evb_20080811-final-ltib.iso BSP, u-boot 1.3.3 and our firmware and everything was ok. Then Freescale changed boards supply from REV:A and REV:B to REV:C and REV:smileyvery-happy:. Now we are receiving REV:smileyvery-happy:. Beginning with REV:C the u-boot from this BSP became incompatible with the boards. We made a transition of our project to new BSP CFLINUX_20100901_ltib.iso with u-boot 2009.08.
However, new BSP doesn’t look stable. Our firmware can run unpredictable period of time and system hangs up without any error messages. Further debugging is impossible. It may happen in dozens of minutes or after hours of run.
It was decided to roll back to previous BSP (m547x_8x_evb_20080811-final-ltib.iso). I flashed board (REV:smileyvery-happy:) with compatible new u-boot (2009.08), the BSP m547x_8x_evb_20080811-final-ltib.iso and our firmware. It works fine without hanging up. The only problem is mac address. During flashing the u-boot wiping out original mac address and we need to set ethaddr variable. Original u-boot doesn’t allow to do that. To overcome it I commented out this line:


in file /include/configs/M5485EVB.h.

Now I’m able to change the mac address in u-boot. However, when Linux is up and running, it still has wrong mac address.

I tried other way – to assign the mac address dynamically: ifconfig eth0 hw ether <macaddress>. This command doesn’t give any error, but the address is not changed. Further ifconfig call shows the same wrong address.

Can you help us to resolve the problem? Our system can’t run in the same network, because all of them have the same mac address.