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Nichlite TCP stack DHCP bug

Discussion created by Trevor Curry on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by Trevor Curry

I have been using the Nichlite TCP stack on a released product for several years now without any problems (due to the stack). The code may be missing some bug fixes reported here but I thought it would be worth reporting one I found recently.


The stack is used in a serial to Ethernet gateway that may be fitted in different instruments and our Quality department tried starting two at the same time. Occasionally, if the instruments were signaling the DHCP server at the same time, they ended up with the same IP address.


Examination of the dhc_rx_offer() function seems to reveal that it only checks the transaction ident (xid) and not the MAC address of the requesting client in the DHCP_OFFER packet. In my condition, both gateways were using the startup transaction ident (0x22334455) and therefore they both responded to the first DHCP OFFER.


Is this a new bug?