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Copying EWL function to RAM

Question asked by Francis Choquette on Aug 3, 2011
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I have successfully copied and ran functions to RAM.  I am using a MCF51AC256 (ColdFire v1) and one of my RAM functions uses a division but the corresponding EWL __ldivu__ function is still in rom.  To put it in ram, I have tried to use the linker LCF file like this:



  .data : AT(___ROM_AT)






    __START_SDATA = .;
    OBJECT (__ldivu__, CF_runtime.c)
    . = ALIGN (0x4);
    __END_SDATA = .;

    ___DATA_END = .;
    __SDA_BASE = .;
    . = ALIGN (0x4);
  } >> userram



But it said it can't find __ldivu__.  I also tried:



CF_runtime.c (.text)



But it said it can't find CF_runtime.c even if the right path is listed in the ColdFire Linker Tool Settings Command Options.

I also tried the same thing with CF_runtime.o and librt.a


How do I tell the linker to put an EWL function into RAM?


Thank you