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Windows 7 problem - cwide.exe has stopped working -

Discussion created by Diego Escalona on Aug 2, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2011 by Tom Thompson

Hello all,


Since I moved to Windows 7 I receive an error almost everytime I close CodeWarrior IDE v10.1. I use CodeWarrior to create bareboard projects for the HCS08QE family devices, and this is the error I get:




I've investigated a bit and it seems the error is thrown if I run or debug an application. If I open CodeWarrior and do not run or debug any project, I can close CW without any error.


Going further, when running or debugging a project, I noticed a new process called DE.exe is launched by CodeWarrior, see it selected in the following image:



That process is initialized when transferring the project to the CPU, but it is not closed when finished. So, I think the error I receive when closing CW can be caused because that process is still alive or something. As I said, if that process is not initialized I can close CW without errors.


Has anyone seen the same behavior? Is there any possible fix? It is a bit annoying receiving that error anytime I close CW...