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taking console inputs

Question asked by Yuping Dong on Aug 1, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by Allen Babb

Hello All,


I am working with CodeWarrior v5.1 the special edition for HCS12.

I figured that I could not use some stdio functions directly here for microcontrollers.

I included the TERMIO.c and TERMIO.h for "printf", it worked. But now I want to take inputs from terminal. I used "scanf" which I have implemented with getchar() in TERMIO. But when I try to simulate the program, I cannot type in anything at terminal.

Anybody know the reason for this problem? Do I have to specify communication port just for taking console inputs? Attached is a simple project.


Also, I'm confused about using those ANSI C functions. It seems most of them are not supported by CodeWarrior compiler. Anyone could direct me to some place that talks about how I could use those functions?


Thanks a lot!!