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Can't receive Ethernet frames

Discussion created by Jeremy Miller on Jul 25, 2011
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I have a M52259EVB board that I'm using to develop firmware for future custom MCF52259 boards. 


At this point, I'm just trying to transmit and receive something over Ethernet.  I won't be using a TCP/IP stack anyway, so currently I have things very simple and stripped down. 


I have a transmit function that I have set up to be called when I press one of the eval board buttons.  That seems to work.  In the debugger, I can see that many FEC registers change (EIR, RMON_T_PACKETS, RMON_T_BC_PKT, RMON_T_P64, RMON_T_OCTETS, IEEE_T_FRAME_OK, IEEE_T_OCTETS_OK) after I have pressed this button.  I can also see the Activity LED on the eval board blink, and my computer is recieving data.


However, when I send data to the board the only indication it is receiving somthing is that the Activity LED blinks.  But no FEC registers change, and the RxBD (buffer descriptor) status does not change.  I used Processor Expert to configure the FEC.  I have promiscuous mode enabled. 


Considering it can transmit, shouldn't it be set up to Rx?  What config bits would prevent Rx in this situation?  Sorry for the slightly vague question, but I'll start with this vs. posting a bunch of messy test code.