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DAC on MQX3.6

Question asked by corrado carini on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by Luis Casado

Hi to all,

I'm developing a new project and, at the moment, i'm working on twrk60n512 demo board using MQX 3.6 RTOS.

I'm trying to use DAC peripherals but I find many problems.

I started from C:\... ...\mqx\examples\dac\dac_demo.c.

MQXIOUG.pdf suggest to use custom API located in C:\... ...\mqx\source\io\dac but folder doesn't exist...

I found it in MQX 3.7 version and I tried to use drivers inside my project but I get many compiler errors.

I also tried to migrate with all my project to 3.7 but I find many other compiler errors. I think I have to spend many time to complete migration so at the moment I stopped this procedure because I'm not sure it 's the right way. 


Anyone can help me? Some ideas...?


Many thanks and best regards