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TWR-K60N512 not more programmable

Question asked by Mirko Carloni on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2011 by Lukas Osmancik



i'm using CodeWarrior 10.1 for TWR-K60N512 programming.


After the last program CodeWarrior say:


"Failed to resume target process., ARM GDI Protocol Adapter : Can't connect. The Debugger can not connect to the P&E device"


Power, status and TPWR leds are on, in j8 the voltage is correct (3.3V)  but i can't programming another time.

The actual uC current consumption is 100uA.


The last code that i have adding is the following:




if((PMC_REGSC & 0x08) == 0x08){GPIOA_PDOR = 0x00000C00;}else{GPIOA_PDOR = 0x30000000;}MC_PMPROT = (uint8_t) 0x01U;MC_PMCTRL = (uint8_t) 0x07U; // set LPLLSM = 0b11SCB_SCR |= SCB_SCR_SLEEPDEEP_MASK;asm("WFI");


What could be the problem and how i can resolve it?