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time zeroing RAM in start12.c

Discussion created by Ron Wilson on Jul 21, 2011
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We are using CW 5.0 for S12X on a S12XEQ384

We have verified the bus clock really is the 40MHx we expect it to be. We have just discovere that the RAM zeroing code is taking almost 80ms to complete.

We have been investigating where our start up delays are coming from.

We are monitoring an unsed micro pin with a scope. The pin is pulled up to 5V via a 20k resister. We placed instructions to configure the pin as an output and pull it low at progressively earlier points in the initialization.

When we got to the begining of main() and still had a lot of delay, we started looking in start12.c

After measuring the time at CopyDown, then at ZeroOut, there was a difference of 79.6 ms.

This is the start up data generated by the linker:

STARTUP SECTION---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Entry point: 0x7F4168'G (_stext)_startupData is allocated at 0x7F41C6 and uses 7 Bytesextern struct _tagStartup {  unsigned nofZeroOut     3  _Range   pZeroOut       0xFD800'G     2047                          0xFE000'G     3976                          0xFF000'G     2054  _Copy    *toCopyDownBeg 0x7F53B9'G} _startupData;

This is the the zeroing code from start12.c:

ZeroOut:             LDX   _startupData.pZeroOut    ; *pZeroOut             LDY   _startupData.nofZeroOuts ; nofZeroOuts             BEQ   CopyDown                 ; if nothing to zero outNextZeroOut: PSHY                           ; save nofZeroOuts             LDAB  1,X+                     ; load page of destination address             LDY   2,X+                     ; load offset of destination address             STAB  __GPAGE_ADR__             PSHX             LDX   0,X                      ; byte count             CLRANextWord:    GSTAA 1,Y+                     ; clear memory byte             DBNE  X, NextWord              ; dec byte count             PULX             LEAX  2,X             PULY                           ; restore nofZeroOuts             DEY                            ; dec nofZeroOuts             BNE  NextZeroOut

This seems too long for less than 12k of RAM.