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P4080 SEC 4.0 Issue

Question asked by Jianhui Wang on Jul 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by Barak Manos



I'm using P4080 (E500MC) to use the new security driver 4.0. I follow the instruction in P4080 QorIQ Reference Manual to program using Descriptor command to perform Kasumi F8 algorithm over the input data blocks. However I found the Security driver behaves not as I supposed. Following are some detailed description:


1. When I use the ALGORITHM command in a descriptor, the SEC 4.0 driver are always hang. The descriptor that I've programmed and feed into system is as below:


Header Command: 0xb081000a

Key Command: 0x02200010 // This is to load the key into Class 1 Key Register

                             0x05f6b774 // Pointer of the key address, key is always 16 bytes

Load Command: 0x12200040 // This is to load into Class 1 Context Register

                                0x05f6b7f0 // Address of the data that want to copy into class 1 context register, 512 bits total

FIFO Load Command: 0x22100010 // This is to load message data into Input Data FIFO, data is 16 bytes

                                          0x05f63014 // Data address

Algorithm command: 0x82700d07 // This is to perform ALGORITHM (kasumi f8) over the input Data

FIFO Store Command: 0x60300010 // This is to move the ciphered data in Output Data FIFO into system memory buffer                                                  0x05f68e70 // Output data buffer address


While I build a descriptor buffer and call the SEC_JQ_Enqueue() to perform the ciphering operation, I found I could not get the expected result. When I query the Status register using following command, I found the SEC4 driver is hung!! Please not the sstar is 0x401 (According to P4080 reference manual the lowest bit indicate the SEC 4.0 is Busy that SEC 4.0 is processing at least one Descriptor). Also, in SEC_JQ_Dequeue() source code, the sec 4.0 driver is querying orsfr register to expected SEC 4.0 to update that register to non-zero value, but unfortunately it seems SEC 4.0 never update orsfr therefore the descriptor is never completed!


Does anybody in Freescale could explain why is that? This puzzled me for quite some time.


Thanks a lot!



-> SEC_JQ_DumpRegisters p_SecJq
JQ Registers (0xE0301000)


0xE0301000: 0x0000000005e94010  irbar

0xE030100C: 0x00000100          irsr

0xE0301014: 0x00000100          irsar

0xE030101C: 0x00000001          irjar

0xE0301020: 0x0000000005f50730  orbar

0xE030102C: 0x00000100          orsr

0xE0301034: 0x00000000          orjrr

0xE030103C: 0x00000000          orsfr

0xE0301044: 0x00000000          ostar

0xE030104C: 0x00000000          istar

0xE0301050: 0x0000000000000001  cfgr

0xE030105C: 0x0000000c          irrir

0xE0301064: 0x00000000          orwir

0xE030106C: 0x00000000          cmdr
Status Registers (0xE0301F00)


0xE0301F00: 0x0000000000000003  req_deq

0xE0301F08: 0x0000000000000000  ob_enc_req

0xE0301F10: 0x0000000000000000  ib_dec_req

0xE0301F18: 0x0000000000000000  ob_encrypt

0xE0301F20: 0x0000000000000000  ob_protect

0xE0301F28: 0x0000000000000000  ib_decrypt

0xE0301F30: 0x0000000000000000  ib_validated

0xE0301FA0: 0x1000000011010000  crnr

0xE0301FA8: 0x8ebf000000001fff  ctpr

0xE0301FC0: 0x0000000000000000  far

0xE0301FC8: 0x00000000          falr

0xE0301FCC: 0x00000000          fadr

0xE0301FD4: 0x00000401          sstar

0xE0301FE0: 0x0f0a0001          rvidr

0xE0301FE4: 0x00000001          ccbvidr

0xE0301FE8: 0x0100000100122104  chavidr

0xE0301FF0: 0x4500001512125135  chanumr

0xE0301FF8: 0x0a10020000000000  secvidr

value = 40 = 0x28 = '('