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MSC8156AMC SRIO issue

Discussion created by bharath M on Jul 20, 2011
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We have taken rio_dma demo project from the demos folder of msc815x. When we are trying to run the demo on msc5186AMC target, control is not comming out of srioInitialize funcion call. We are not able to know why it is not able to initialize the SRIO driver using the srioInitialize function call. As srioInitialize is a driver call we were not able to debug the same. Please let us know if there are any specific configurations to be made on the target for running rio_dma demo.


       When we made  NUM_RIO_PORTS as 1 instead of 2 srioInitialize is working fine that is, it is working for srio_port0 only. In this case also the transfer of data is not happening as it should happen. Please let us know the issue with this.


        Our ultimate aim is to configure SRIO for inter DSP communication in MSC8156AMC. We don’t have a demo project for this and we are trying to analyze the rio_dma demo.


        we found a parameter in 8144 srio_dma_transfer_config_t structure srio_dma_write_type which is not present in 8156AMC structure. How can I specify to write or read i.e. to use NREAD, SWRITE calls in 8156AMC?


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