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MPC567xK FlexCAN problems

Question asked by Johan Englund on Jul 19, 2011
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do any of you have some working CAN code for the MPC567xK? I seem to have problems getting it to work even in loopback mode.


CAN_0.MCR.B.MAXMB=0x1f; // Enable all 32 Message Buffers// Setup receive MBCAN_0.BUF[1].CS.B.IDE = 0;CAN_0.BUF[1].ID.B.STD_ID = 555;CAN_0.BUF[1].CS.B.CODE = 0x4; // MB 4 set to RX EMPTYCAN_0.RXIMR[1].R=0x0; // Acceptance match// Setup and send MBCAN_0.BUF[0].ID.B.STD_ID = 555;   // Transmit ID is 555CAN_0.BUF[0].DATA.B[0] = 42;    // Data to be transmittedCAN_0.BUF[0].CS.R=0x0C010000;


Transmission seems to work fine, not errors in ECR and the CODE in transmit MB returns to 0x8 as it should. However, no data is received no matter how I try to configure IDs and MASKs for the receice MB...