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LTIB - Steps to build custom kernel

Discussion created by David Rodgers on Jul 14, 2011
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I'm taking a crack at building a custom kernel within LTIB 2010-09-19 for M54455EVB, because I'm going to need support for Wi-Fi cards that aren't supported (or stable) in 2.6.29.


So, I pulled down a kernel source archive and unzipped it, then went into LTIB and specified "Local Linux directory build", pointing to the kernel source directory.  I also enabled the option to build out of tree and specified a separate directory for that.  I also specified the option to Configure the kernel (duh), then exited LTIB's menuconfig.  At that point, LTIB proceeded to start a build (probably leading up to doing the kernel's menuconfig), but bombed out immediately, complaining that "PKG_KERNEL_PRECONFIG: must be set to the name of your .config file".  I looked in main.lkc and saw the block where PKG_KERNEL_PRECONFIG was being set based on kernel and platform selection, so I cloned one of the config files and added in this line to main.lkc:


    default "linux-custom-m54455evb.config" if KERNEL_DIR_BUILD && PLATFORM = "m54455evb"

That seemed to satisfy LTIB and allowed me to run the kernel menuconfig (and it was the menuconfig belonging to the new kernel source).  After exiting that, it began the kernel build but almost immediately failed, with the error "No rule to make target `uImage'.  Stop."  I tried again, specifying not to build out of tree, but got the same error.


Has anyone had any success building a newer kernel via LTIB?  Any basic steps or techniques I need to use?  Thanks.