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One code on two different boards

Discussion created by +Sandra Gogaa on Jul 14, 2011
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I used CMD-12DP512 "http://www.axman.com/?q=node/292" with keypad and LCD, I used AXIDE to complie it. Now I want to use the codes that I developed for this micro in another board CSMB-12C128 "http://www.axman.com/?q=node/327" which compiles in codewarrior although doesn't have LCD and keypad. 

I created a new project and paste my code in main.asm file. There are two include files ,1- Dp256reg.asm (for all registers), 2-  LCD_SER.asm . When I compiled it, there were lots of error, I fixed them, and at the end there were two errors:

1- L1822, 2-L1115.

I add float library, to fix error L1822, but the number of errors went to 50. with two different code errors:


  • Link Error   : L1401: Incompatible memory model: SMALL in previous file (Lcd_Ser.asm.o) and BANKED in file ASSERT.C.o(ansib.lib)
  • Link Error   : L1301: Cannot open file C:\Program Files\Freescale\CWS12v5.1\lib\hc12c\lib\ansib.lib

Any idea, can any body help me?

I can give you the code for test if you have time!