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LTIB for M54455EVB - "linux-wlan" fails to build

Discussion created by David Rodgers on Jul 14, 2011
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So, I'm having a go at getting wireless working on the M54455EVB.  I intend to use an Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG card in a mini-PCI to PCI adapter; it looks like the 2200BG is properly supported in kernel 2.6.29.


However, I'm trying to build the package "linux-wlan", and it's failing even after following the special instructions given.  Upon first attempt, it fails checks for locating the kernel and "pcmcia-cs" source, and gives the following instructions:


"This package requires kernel and pcmcis-cs source. For the kernel, run './ltib -m config' and enable the option 'Leave the sources after building' and for pcmcia-cs, build the package and leave the source with: './ltib -p pcmcia-cs -l'."


OK, so I do that; I was a bit concerned that pcmcia-cs wasn't one of the offered packages in LTIB, but it retrieved it from the repository just fine.  However, the build still failed in the same manner.  I inspected the rpm/BUILD directory, and apparently the current version of pcmcia-cs is 3.2.8, whereas the linux-wlan package is expecting to find 3.2.4:


+ KERNEL_SRC_DIR=/fs/ltib-cflinux-20100919/rpm/BUILD/linux
+ PCMCIA_SRC_DIR=/fs/ltib-cflinux-20100919/rpm/BUILD/pcmcia-cs-3.2.4

I thought about editing the linux-wlan package to change PCMCIA_SRC_DIR, but figured it would just be easier to symlink pcmcia-cs-3.2.4 to pcmcia-cs-3.2.8.  So I did that, rebuilt, and what I got while building was a whole bunch of these errors:


../include/wlan/wlan_compat.h:178:4: error: #error "No CPU identified!"

Inspecting wlan_compat.h, I find that it's trying to figure out what CPU it's being built for, and when building for Linux userspace, knows only how to detect x86, PowerPC, and ARM -- no ColdFire.


So, two questions I guess:

  1. If I'm doing Wi-Fi on kernel 2.6.29 with the Sep-2010 LTIB, do I actually need this package, or is this optional?
  2. Assuming I do, how did this package even work in the first place?