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CW V10.1 for MCU (MCF52259CAG80)  -  Error: Only groups and links can be created under a group

Question asked by Mark Gotobed on Jul 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by Processor Expert



I've been developing under CW V7.2 and am now trying to port over to 10.1.  I used the project import wizard but the processor export code was not being generated correctly.  Next I created a new .pe file from scratch and added all the components back in manually.  Now the PE code is generated correctly and all the compilor errors have been resolved except for:


Error: Only groups and links can be created under  a group.  Location: User Modules/


Has anyone seen this before?  Any clues on what problem this could be referring to?


A second question I have is about the new IDE in general.  In V7.2 I could easily see what files were included in each configuration based on the columns to the right of each file (Code size, Data size, Target and debug).  With 10.1, I don't see anway to tell what files are included/excluded for each configuration.  Is there a view, or option I'm missing?


Thanks for the help.