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K60 current consumption

Question asked by Lukas Osmancik on Jul 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by Lukas Osmancik

I prepare the suitable platform for our new battery powered industrial device.

The kinetis platform is the best what I find as the single chip solution but the

current consumption values in datasheet are in my case you of reality.

I have k60 tower.


The values what I measured are evidently belongs to column TBD  :-)


OK, I am liar, the Run mode current is in range of datasheet parameters 53,6mA.


The Wait current from dataseet Typ. 35mA, my measure 46,2mA

Stop mode current Typ. 0,4mA, my measure 6mA 

VLPS mode  Typ. 50uA, my measure 1,6mA

LLS Typ. 12uA, my measure 0,8mA


Are those values better with K40 or they will be improved in next version?

What are your measurements?

I used the Fluke 8025 A multimeter