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Question asked by Francesco Pallottini on Jul 10, 2011
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Hi everyone,


(sorry for my bad English)


I'm using the USB STACK for S08JM60. My custom PCB use the S08MM128 so I have done the code porting since the USB module for JM60 or MM128 is the same. The stack seems work well but I have a problem. My device is a SELF POWER device but  I have no attached the USB BUS to any pin so I can't use Keyboard Interrupt for detect if USB bus is connect. When my device is plugged in the STACK work fine and when I dissconet USB cable from the host (my PC) the stack work fine; in fact as the device is plugged again the host enumerates the device again.  The problem is when I disconnect POWER SOURCE from my PCB. In this case when I connect again the POWER SOURCE host can't enumerate the device. I think that the problem is in my Check_USBBUS_Status ( ) routine but I can find the solution. In this routine the Freescale check for the Bus connection using PTGD port I can't use this. Can anyone help me? This is the code of Check_USBBUS_Status ( ) and main.c ()



void Check_USBBus_Status(void){     //if(PTGD_PTGD0 == USB_BUS_ATTACHED)         /* Is JM60 attached on USB bus? */ //{              if(CTL_USBEN == 0)                     /* JM60 module off ? */         {            EPCTL0 = 0x0D;            INTSTAT = 0xBF;            CTL = 0x00;            INTENB = 0x00;                      /* disable USB interrupt*/            CTL_USBEN = 0x01;                   /* enable module */            USBCTL0 = UCFG_VAL;                 /* attach JM60 to USB bus*/            Usb_Device_State = ATTACHED_STATE;               }             //}        //else    //{    //  if(CTL_USBEN == 1)                      /*  JM60 USB on ?*/    //   {    //       CTL = 0x00;                        /* disable module */    //       INTENB = 0x00;                     /* mask USB interrupt*/    //       Usb_Device_State = POWERED_STATE;          //    }    //}           if(Usb_Device_State == ATTACHED_STATE)      {         INTSTAT = 0xBF;                        /*clear USB interrupts*/         INTENB = 0xBF;                                  }    if(Usb_Device_State == USB_ENTER_SUSPEND)    {        USB_Suspend();    }}
void main(void) {  UINT8 u8Counter;  /* System Initalization */  Init_Sys();                     /* Enable Interrupts Macro */  EnableInterrupts;           /* Main Loop */  for(;;)   {    /* USB Manager, please keep it in main Loop */    Check_USBBus_Status();                  } }



Thank in advice