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Unable to connect to TWR-MCF52259

Question asked by Andrew MacIsaac on Jul 10, 2011
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I have a TWR-MCF52259-KIT which I am unsuccessfully trying to program for the first time.  My current configuration has a TWR-SER in the bottom slot, a TWR-MEM in the slot second from the top, and the TWR-MCF52259 in the top position.  When the tower is connected to my computer via the PWR/OSBDM USB port it powers up correctly as far as I can tell (the LEDs light up, LED4 starts blinking).  I have installed CW for ColdFile 7.1 (which was on the DVD) and the 7.1.2 patch for the MCF5225x.  I also made sure that the OSBDM drivers located in <CW Dir>\Drivers\osbdm were installed when prompted for after connecting the tower, however neither CW nor the jm60_fwinfo.exe utility can detect it.


The device shows up in the Device Manager under "libusb (WinUSB) devices" as "Freescale OSBDM-JM60" and does not appear to have any errors associated with it.


I have also installed the Freescale JM60 GUI, but if I connect the tower with the BTLD jumber (J20) in place, I get a popup warning from Windows saying that the USB device has malfunctioned, and no LEDs on the board light up.


I have previous experience with programming and debuging ARM processors over JTAG, but have never used a ColdFire chip or OSBDM before.


Any help would be appreciated.