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CW for MobileGT V9 - Processor Expert for MPC5125 ?

Discussion created by John Tyler on Jul 8, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2011 by Processor Expert

I have the latest CodeWarrior mobileGT version and it has Processor Expert (PE) for MPC5121E not MPC5125.

The MPC5125 is significantly different chip and the BGA pinout etc is much different.

MPC5121E is 516 pins and the MPC5125 is 324 pins.

I cant find any decent information on the pin multiplexing for the MPC5125 BGA.  PE is great for all that but the chip used is the MPC5121E which really doesnt help.

Is there a PE for MPC5125 ?

Is there a some kind os software or spreadsheet that groups the chips features and functions with corresponding BGA pins and if I want one feature it will effect not getting another feature because of overlapping pins etc.

The best world would be MPC5125 for PE.

I know about the MPC5125 Datasheet that calls out the pins but I would like a better way to view/organize the pins.


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