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MPC5643L resets at interrupt

Discussion created by Jonas Axelsson on Jul 7, 2011
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I use evaluation board XPC56XX EVB motherboard with XPC56XL 144 LQFP mini module.

It seems like the processor reset at interrupt after a power-up reset has occured. This is what I do:

1) Download the.mot file (small program with one PIT interrupt) to the memory with the USB multilink interface from PE micro.

2) Push the reset button, the program executes everything works

3) Power down the board

4) Power up the board, prgram runs until an interrupt occurs, then a reset occurs and program re-starts


It's seems like one or more register bits are cleared/set (don't know in which register) at power-up reset which make that interrupts are "not allowed". After I have downloaded the program and make a external reset pushing the reset button everything works. So I guess it must have something to do with the power-up reset.