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CW 10.1 Special Suite and commercial Products.

Question asked by Lukasz Juranek on Jul 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2011 by Tom Thompson

As in topic, can i write commercial appliciation with CW 10.1 special suite ? In license agreement i've found only this. 


" Evaluation Period  The Software may allow you to install it on a machine without paying a license fee.  The Software will operate until a certain time elapses (“Evaluation Period”) and will then automatically disable itself.  Until then, Freescale grants to you the non-transferable right to install the software onto a single computer and to use the Software on that computer.  You may not use the Software for commercial purposes during the Evaluation Period."


But as far i understand there is no  Evaluation Period on special edition.


Regards, Lukas