Edward Nauman

Basic "How To" Help

Discussion created by Edward Nauman on Jun 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2011 by Jim Donelson

I am new to Freescales products and am very impressed with the vast array of capabilities.  However it would be nice if their support information included a little more help for the novice developer.  I have been an engineer for over 30 years but have only been involved with microcontrollers for the last 5 or 6.  The support information available is quite extensive but most, if not all of it, seems taylored to the highly experienced MCU developer.  In order to help Freescale expand their customer base, it would be a good thing to include a lot more basic "how to" information.  For example, some tutorials on the basic use of interrupts, timers and comparators.  The novice user is the most valuable potential custiomer and the one most likely to drift toward products that have support at their level.  I consider myself a good engineer who is a fast learner but it is human nature to drift to the product that is the easiest to use.  I would like to see a little more basic help to complement the excellent higher level support.  I am also a shareholder who has the best hopes for Freescales continuing success.