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CW 10.1 on MCF5225X TWR

Discussion created by yuxing yao on Jun 29, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by Erich Styger

Hi there, 


I recently migrated to Freescale tower system. 


Old environment: MCF5211DEMO board in CodeWarriror 5.7.0 

Current environment: TWR with MCF5225X in CodeWarrior 10.1


In the old dev environment when a new project is created, CodeWarrior would have a set of support files available, like mcf5xxx.c, mcf5xxx_lo.s, which contains a bunch of handy support functions like cpu_pause(), asm_set_ipl(), mcf5xxx_set_handler(), etc.  


But with CW10.1 there is no more such functions. So my question is, are there any similar files/functions/lib that are available in CW10.1? Is so, how can I find them? I do have the source code from old projects so I assume copying them over could solve my problem, but I would like to have CW10.1 make it a default bundle when creating new projects. Can anyone help please?


Thanks in advance.